Hi there.

I’m Stephen Segal — no, not that one. I’m an editor, writer and designer of words and pictures. I’ve worked with publishers, high-tech institutions, cultural organizations and individual clients, and in every one of those roles, I’ve found the same two markers of success emerging time and time again: believing in a worthwhile message, and connecting people with the world around them.

What I do:


I find the heart of the message.

Fifteen years experience crafting headlines, ad lines, cover blurbs and sophisticated long-form narratives: I write some of the sharpest copy around. You want to say something better than you know how to — either in five pages or in five words? I can do that.


I match content with style.

You know why “Don’t judge a book by its cover” has to be a saying? Because everybody judges a book by its cover. So let’s make sure that what we’re putting out in front of people’s eyes is truly worth seeing.


I show you the future.

I’ve stayed out in front of new media moments, from newspaper blogging to boutique digital sci-fi. I’ve grown uncertain young writers into award-winning commentators. And I’ve turned decades-old intellectual properties into the hot new thing of the moment.

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